Political Activity

As with most labor unions, the NEA has decidedly lined up on the left and in coordination with the Democratic Party. The March 2009 letter to U.S. Senators regarding the Washington, DC Opportunity Scholarship Program makes that clear.

But the NEA doesn’t just simply fund liberal candidates. They cavort with the fringes of the Left.

Democratic Party

The NEA, and its state affiliates are major players to the Democratic Party, thanks in large part to the huge financial contributions to it as an organization, as well as its candidates. Thus, it plays a key role in setting the policy agenda for the party.

The NEA created a step-by-step manual to encourage members to get more involved in the Republican Party. The theory likely is if the NEA can have a bigger say there as well, it can have a bigger impact on the positions taken by the party as a whole.

But, according to the Wall Street Journal, as much as 95% of political contributions from the NEA consistantly go to Democratic candidates. But that seems to be out of step with where its membership is as individual Americans.

Former NEA president Reg Weaver has said repeatedly that the NEA’s membership is divided by thirds between Democrats, Republicans and Independents. But internal polling may paint a different picture. A study of NEA voters in the 2004 revealed different numbers.From an NEA briefing:

The research found support personnel employees were nearly evenly split between Kerry and Bush, while a two-thirds of teachers voted for Kerry.

Perhaps that’s why the NEA and its affiliates equate any criticism of its organization and tactics as automatically being from the Republican Party.That way, it can steer more of its members into voting for Democrats.